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FT-Insulation board composite screw DVS

Based on the special material mixture, the Insulation board spiral screw DVS is both: strong and extensile.

In condition to those characteristics in combination with the coarse thread and big head, the spiral screw can be used for various prospects:

 - connecting rigid foam elements/module

 - fixing insulation boards on gas concrete (pre-drill / Ø18-20 mm)

 - double insulations, which are mechanical fixed to underground (e.g. rigid foam boards or wood fibre insulation boards)

The tightly moulded, perforated and roughened head gives plastering a good grip.

The Insulation board spiral screws DVS are used with a cordless screwdriver and a special bit which fits exactly into the hexagonal recess and transfers the force perfectly onto the screw. We advise to use a screwdriver with adjustable friction clutch, which interrupts driving when the screw head seat solidly on the insulation material. 

Recommended idling speed: ca. 500-600 revolution/min.

Recommended load speed: ca. 300-400 revolutions/min.


Dimensions and variants

Dimension Packing unit Variant / Item No.
Insulation size
in mm
Total length
in mm
pcs/box Item No.
30 80 250 12 36 16 030
60 110 250 12 36 16 060
80 130 250 12 36 16 080
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